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About Paula Timm

Commissions!! check out my latest client, Deborah Willis, author of two published books. The second of which will be coming out soon! This assignment was the perfect gathering of skills I knew I had and new ones that I was happy to cultivate!

My process was to preen from Deborah her likes and preferences, interests and colours. From there, we created a list of elements which defined her personally and professionally.  I started to pencil draw each required item, I completed each drawing with a new technique of layers soluble black marker, blended with a water brush and layered for shadow and depth! Stay tuned as we reveal more of her new brand, website, logo! Now go read her books!! (and note that THE Alice Munro gave the highest praise to DW's first book).  www.deborahwillis.ca

​​A visual storyteller, Paula's work is inspired by the stories that reveal themselves as she studies the nuances of the modern urbanite or complex rural landscapes of her childhood.

Her love of collage allows her to layer subtle details of textures, shape and colour, with paint, stencil, and paper tearing. Graphite studies are simply added as collage detail or more recently evolving into painted works to create a simplistic yet detailed final product. She conveys movement and emotion, be it in colour, or in the shadows and light in each piece.

Paula is practicing her art in Calgary, Alberta. ​She is committed to a world where creativity is respected, cherished and expected.​ Also an art instructor, her mission is to bring art to those with barriers; your creativity is a gift, it can heal, just watch yourself grow.