Professional Experience+Instruction:

2017, Project Mgr & Facilitator, Options Rehab -Collaborative Art Session, Paula Timm Artist Studio

2017, Instructor, ‘Mixed Media - Find Your Creative Voice’, Paula Timm Artist Studio

2016, Juror, SPARK Disability Art Festival, Studio C/In-Definite Arts Society 

2016, Project Mgr & Facilitator, Calgary Catholic Immigration Services-Team Building, Studio C

2016, Project Mgr & Facilitator, City of Calgary-Collaborative Inclusive Cafe Painting, Studio C

2016, Facilitator, Calgary Public Library-Collaborative Painting, Studio C

2016, Instructor, ‘Mixed Media - Find Your Creative Voice’, NeonMilkshake Art Studio & Impact Picture Framing
2015, Mentor, SPARK Disability Art Festival, Studio C/In-Definite Arts Society 
2015, Facilitator, DEAM-Collaborative Series, Studio C
2015, Facilitator, Calgary Public Library-Collaborative Series, Studio C
2015, Facilitator, Chickadee Art Club, Wolf Willow Studio
2013-Present, Facilitator, ‘Career Collage’ for ArtRecruits, Studio C
2013-15, Facilitator, ‘Career Collage’ for EMPACT, Studio C
2013-15, Instructor, ’Mixed Media’, Calgary School of Art

2014, Juror, SPARK Disability Art Festival, Studio C/In-Definite Arts Society 

2014, Facilitator of Public Mural, YYC Neighbourhood/Brookfield Flood Party
2013-14, Instructor, ‘Fantastical Portraits’, ‘Photograph Carnival’, ‘Mixed Media’, ‘Sip & Create’, Studio C

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2016 Rich Man Poor Man, Telus Spark, Calgary 

2015 Off the Wall, Good Earth CBE, Calgary 
2013 Layer Cake Dreams, Characters, & Scenes, Studio C, Calgary

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2017 WaterColour YYC Art Exhibition, Peanut Gallery, Calgary

2017 Empathy Week - Dear Disability 4, @cSPACE King Edward, Calgary

2017 Assembly Group Art Exhibition, Curated and showing, @cSPACE King Edward, Calgary 

2016 SPARK Disability Arts Festival, ACAD, IDAS & Studio C, Calgary (juried)

2016 Art Collecting 101, Fostermak, Calgary 

2016 AS CEN'SION, Fostermak & Elevation Gallery, Canmore

2016 Paint By #’s, Konfero Art Gallery, Calgary 
2016 Mosaic Art Show, Fostermak/Brookfield, Calgary 
2016 Disclosure, Feather Gallery, Calgary 
2016 Dear Disability, Studio C, Calgary
2015 SPARK Disability Arts Festival, IDAS & Studio C, Calgary (juried)
2015 Between Shadow+Light, Peanut Gallery, Calgary 
2015 West in the South West, Feather Gallery, Calgary 
2015 Dear Disability, IDAS, Calgary
2015 Dear Disability, ArtBox on 17E, Calgary 
2014 Deck The Walls, Patisserie Du Soleil, Calgary 
2014 Deck The Walls, Heaven Restaurant, Calgary 
2014 Shut Your Eyes and See, Studio C, Calgary
2013 Community Cultivated, #1 Legion, Calgary
2013 PUSH, Studio C, Calgary

Gallery Representation
2015-Present  Fostermak, Calgary, Alberta

2016-2017  Konfero Art Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
2015 Different Strokes Art Gallery, Olds, Alberta

Private collections, Toronto, ON             
Private collections*, Calgary, AB
Private collections, Saskatoon, SK            
Private collections*, Edmonton, AB    
Private collection, Houston, TX            
Private collection, UK
Private collection*, YK

Paula Timm, ”My Creative Life Story”, BlankSpaces: Volume 1, Issue 4, June 2017 (plus cover art)

Paula Timm, ”My Creative Life Story”, JustWORDS Volume 1, October 2017  (plus cover art)

Rachel Rose, ”The Other Side of Pain”, Workshop Muse: Muse Worthy, November 21, 2016
Paula Timm, ”Healing With Perry”, Calgary Dog Life, Volume 1 Issue 1, 2016

Tessa Lerbekmo-Joyes, ”Paula Timm Artist”, STANDOUT Publication, SPRING Issue 4, 2016
Paula Timm, “I was Strong, but #NowImStronger”, Calgary Mental Health, 60 Days 60 Conversations, January 2016
Ellis Choe, “Healing art' brings together workers with disabilities and employers”, Calgary Herald, November 17, 2015
Jeremy Simes, “Calgary artist finds healing through creativity”, Calgary Metro, November 29, 2015
Stephen Hunt, “Spark Festival showcases creativity regardless of disability”, Calgary Herald, December 1, 2015
Paula Timm, “Healing Through Art”, Calgary Mental Health Blog, Issue 2, FALL 2015 
Tessa Lerbekmo-Joyes, “Buy Local”, Standout Publications, FALL Issue 2, August 2015
Samantha Ray Malach Verlaan, “Paula Timm” YYC Artists, Hudson Ray Photography, March 2015
Ryan Massell, Interview, Calgary SHAW TV, Calgary, AB, April 8, 2015
Paula Timm, “Paula Timm National Comebacks National Winner”, Canada Ostomy Magazine, Winter 2014/2015

Curatorial Projects:
2015, Between Shadow+Light, Peanut Gallery, Calgary

2015, Wallace Stegner House Residency, Mixed Media and Painting, March 

2015, Renaissance Great Comebacks National Winner 
2015, Presenter & Mentor Spark Disability Art Festival