"I am so enjoying my Monday night classes, a wonderful and open group of artists where for three hours I am immersed in a fresh and creative process that takes me away from the stresses and many consuming thoughts that building and growing business creates. For a full 48 hours after class I experience the wonderful residual of creativity been released in the form of ideas, thoughts and desires to put on canvas. Refreshing!"

Doug of bluesunflowersunrooms.com

"your art is so whimsical and magical and so emotionally expressive in a non dimensional way........I love what you do.."

Marjorie Burst

Paula and Brittney were amazing! This was a million times better than a traditional paint night. They provided a safe and fun atmosphere for us to step out of our comfort zones and get creative. I loved that they blended instruction and tips into the evening, allowing us to leave with both a new piece of art and a sense of empowerment. The studio was amazing and the venue was incredible. This was definitely a great experience for all of us ladies. Thank you so much Paula and Brittney!!
Katie Howes, Devon Canada

Inspired by Paula's mixed media class

Holly Rosenberger

"This Calgary artist is most definitely one to take note of. She's talented, creative, funny, and carving out her place in this city's art scene!"

Verlaan for YYCARTists of hudsonray.com

heart notes.

The way you use color makes my heart sing!
​Joan Freestone

Your art is authentic! It's profound and expressive and expressive. And it's beautiful!

I won't natter on; I'll just say, just continue to be your beautiful you.
Most sincerely, George Russell

You have a beautiful articulate way of expressing  your heART. I am touched by your courage and your insightfulness .
Margaret Jones

Our fabulous Paula Timm is rocking the world with her story and inspiration!!!

Angie Danger

lovely notes from colleges, students, and friends.

My family attended a 3 hour sip+create with Paula who was fantastic. She provided instruction and helpful tips and was very encouraging. A very unique experience - and we were also able to bring our own wine and cheese which helped the 'creative juices' flow. Thanks again Paula, love the studio! Will be back.
Jorin Becker

"..so happy to see everyone seeing what a great artist and inspiration you are!"

Tracy Berryman

Love this! The project ... the focus... and my friend inspiring people through art! Awesome Paula Timm Artist ! "

SarahAnn Dog Photography

Simply put, YOU ROCK!

Andrea McDonald

Such a creative talent. I am inspired!!

Sarah Daloise

You are so seriously gifted!!!! Eric and I love to look at your art!

Rolando Moroz

I had such a great evening 5-8:30 at Paula Timm's studio! like seriously, I was nervous to go cause I dont draw or paint or have a creative visual bone in my body BUT Paula made us all (5 of us) feel so comfortable, with wine and snacks and her instructional approach is so laid back and liberal and encouraging, she helps, she instructs, she suggests and then she lets you just tread into the deep waters. I had the best time - what a great bunch of friendly, encouraging, engaging ladies! I wanna do it again! I highly suggest visiting Paula at one of her studios-such fun!

Lisa Gausman

What a wonderful use of expression. I so enjoy the way you create a mixture of words that has soulful meaning … wordART?

Wendy Gordon