collaborative event murals

keep scrolling to find out how!

 Imagine Your Event Attendees

 They have been sitting for an extended period of time, attentively listening to your keynote speaker, 

learning a new skill or listening to a dynamic presentation.


Make it Memorable!
Make sure their experience is worth the price of admission,
and ensure that they buy a ticket to come back next year!

size doesn't matter

- any scale of mural

- any number of attendees

- any length of event

- any age of participant 

- any skill or ability

how does it work?

During registration, breaks or a featured experience...

Attendees will come upon a blank canvas, a myriad of colourful paints, and painting tools of various size and shape.


Paula will gently encourage participants to select a tool and a colour and to approach the canvas to make their mark. No artistic skills required!


Layers of marks are coached and guided, and the canvas develops into a beautiful collaborative piece of art.

A true reflection of your beautiful event and the attendees that made it a grand success!

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Women's Entrepreneurship Day

Engaging participants during registration and two short breaks, three wood panels were collaborated on by 400 participants. Raising the bar for this project, laser etched words denoting the key phrase words for this inaugural event.