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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Asteraceae: Coneflower, Daisy, Aster…Simplistic Beauty During a Complex Time

A repeating theme in Paula’s art practice, this species of flower is one that she likely drew as a child and later would place on the fridge. In high school, she would pen daisy’s in the margin notes in her text books. As an adult she planted their seeds and nurtured them to full bloom. Then one day, she sat down, felt the stillness, and started to draw their simple petals once again. 

GRATITUDE to cSPACE king Edward for this post....

An exploration of paint and substrate and making art in the moment @cspacekingedward Explore the secrets of the 20/20 Wavelength Exhibition. Art on all four floors!⁠

Pictured: Art by Paula Timm⁠

Astereceae, Coneflower, Daisy, Aster⁠

Simple beauty during a complex time⁠

Acrylic paint, pen, on Lextan⁠

"Trust us, this is even more beautiful in person hanging in our hallway gallery. You can also watch Paula paint it in real time in one of the video reels for Wavelength. ⁠

Thanks to our lead artist, Andy Moro, who curated this amazing exhibition, and to our awesome sponsors, Culture Days, Lemay Architecture, and Rockwood Custom Homes (the Edward). Thanks too to Indefinite Arts, whose delightful 3D art contributions can be seen on Level 1, and all the amazing artists in our community who make up the 20/20 Wavelength Project."


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