the day has come. and i am prepping for my next surgery. harder words have never been typed. or wait, they probably have. and that was when the last surgery happened.

  • If you're just tuning in, the abridged version of the past 12 years: we moved to calgary

  • I worked for 2 years with an oil and gas company

  • I quit smoking which made my ulcerative colitis flare for a year non stop.

  • I was hospitalized for a month.

  • I started to hold it together but work stress kept creeping

  • I got bronchitis in september 2010

  • My dad died october 2010

  • My illness got worse.

  • I submitted to hospitalization in January 2011.

  • February I had my large intestine removed.

  • there was a fateful accident during the surgery.

  • I recovered for many days and years.

I believed that my art practice was the only thing left to try that would give me another lease on life.

and now I am here. awaiting another surgery, hoping and wishing that it won't fall apart.


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