and the winner is!!!

My heART is full

a new year and a new start!

Thank you all for coming to my Studio Warming!

It fully warmed my heART and studio! As you know that in exchange for your attention, for bulletins such as these, I gave hourly door prizes and the chance to win the grand prize! Without further ado, the winner of $150 voucher towards a Class* or Workshop* of your choosing is..... Kendall Titchener of Pixelated Pinto! Congratulations, Kendall, contact me and we can discuss!! *a class or workshop facilitated by Paula Timm ________________________________________________________ Four years ago, when keeping my dreams a secret was no longer serving me, I announced to the world that I wanted to be an artist! I started by participating in #yycarts events, sharing my work, facilitated workshops and even had articles published! WOW!!

Then, one year ago, I was suddenly in need of a new art facility to teach my weekly art class from. Coincidentally, I was visiting a friend; sharing the greatness of the #YYC arts community and an unique arts hub that was soon to be looking for tenants. It was then that it hit me, like a tone of bricks! I hadn't even given a second thought to applying to this arts hub! A throwback to my old self limiting belief system had crept back in without my notice!  It just seemed like an unattainable option for me. However, when I looked at the monthly lease, square footage, and location; it wasn't unattainable, it was more than perfect. So, I applied, and I, was accepted as the first tenant of studio suite #125 @cSPACE King Edward.

I have just moved in to this amazing LEEDS Gold restored, 100 year old, sandstone school!! My vision for my studio is to grow my art career, be it my own art practice, facilitating workshops or extending my space for others to pursue workshops!

I could not have achieved this dream without the constant and loving support of my husband, friends and family. #attitudeofgratitude

See below for a few candid shots taken at the Studio Warming, by one of my fave supporters, Rick Bjerke.

p.s. the address and such can be found at the bottom of this newsletter or on my website.


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