‘ARTIST FEATURE’ Brittney Tough

Tropical CascadeWatercolour on Paper49" x 49" framed

All I want to be when I grow up.... hmmm, I know, Brittney Tough! Have a read at her amazing bio (just keep scolling and you'll find it). Once you read it you'll start to understand what I mean when I say, I'd like to be like her when I grow up. However, to meet her is an entirely different thing than her exceedingly accomplished bio. She is the most down to earth, kind, sweet has a great mind for business but is one kick ass watercolour artist!

I had the honour of meeting Brittney as a volunteer come occasional instructor at Studio C.

Later, I had the pleasure of working alongside her, facilitating and creating our own workshops together. Even more exciting for me, I got to learn from this uber talented watercolour artist while she taught one of many workshops at the studio! Alas, she is creating some new memories with her family's new addition! Stay tuned for Brittney's next workshop with us! we are excited for her return!

I was going to tell you but Brittney has a video about her process, her medium, and her subject matter which also resides on her website.

Brittney Tough, CSPWC, is an international award winning artist who has exhibited work across Canada and the US. Her work was published in Southwest Art Magazine’s feature article 21 Under 31, and the Splash hardcover series of the best in contemporary watercolour. Brittney has exhibited in a variety of international juried exhibitions from CSPWC, Society of Canadian Artists and Federation of Canadian Artists, and has received numerous awards in these competitions. Brittney has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from Alberta College of Art and Design and continues to develop her painting practice in Calgary, AB. Along with her painting practice, she is a Board Member of Visual Arts Alberta- CARFAC and has 10 years of experience working as an Instructor and Program Coordinator for Studio C- a Collaborative Art Centre located in Calgary.

Have a look (and follow) Brittney on Instagram.



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