The Zipper 36”x36” Mixed Media collage on wood panel Come + see the WIP at the studio!

I met Rick Bjerke seven years ago, when, in his words, I (Paula) was "a hurtin'unit"- which was a total understatement! I was going through one of the hardest, most painful times in my life, and found myself seeking art as refuge. I found art, and a good friend in Rick. If you have ever visited the Studio, then you have likely heard about Rick's generous spirit, if not a wee bit anonymous at times.

Like abandoning art for others to find on his many trips with wife Joni. We eventually created AbandonedArtCollab to chronicle and share the art made and then left behind for another to find. It has caught on with many that come to the studio, it's become it's own thing!

Rick was also seeking more when he came to find art again. Like many of us, it was a transition point in his life that brought him to make a big leap to that thing that he didn't know he was avoiding- art.

Rick has developed a recognizable creative voice in his works. If you had to describe it, perhaps it would be Urban Art. The best part is, because of its rawness, perhaps even graffiti esque, it appeals to both the young and the more mature audience. Rick combines photography, digital and analog mixed media techniques and a bit of magic.

Feast your eyes on Rick's Daily post on Instagram.



Dec. 8th, 15th, 22nd

PLUS! Join the tenants of cSPACE King Edward for a Special Evening

of Open Studios, Art Exhibitions, and of course our Holiday Market!



December 13th

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