growing forward

As I reflected on how to share this transition, I was heavy with words. I turned to verse, where I often have gone, when head overrides the heart.

Transitioning To More More workshops by me, more team building, more art making by me. More locations, more of you, more for you, more for me. Bricks and mortar got me here, cementing my skills, layering in me, stacking the opportunities, reinforcing my way. I designed my way here. I designed my way to you. My platform was created. To share my gifts, socially, with you, broadcasting the possibility of more. Here’s to transitions and possibility- same space - different locations.

You have inferred from my poem correctly, I will no longer operate studio #125 at cSPACE King Edward. I am so extremely grateful for all that we have created together for the past 2.5 years. I have learned so much about myself, the arts, and business! I have developed an incredible network of art cheerleaders, workshop attendees, art patrons, and one amazing community! This is definitely growing forward! I am really looking forward to creating more, reaching even bigger audiences for both workshops and art experiences, and connecting more with all of you! stay tuned for more!


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