It does take a village.. a community collaboration..

Updated: Apr 5

I just LOVED creating this project for the community of Albert Park Radisson Heights! We spruced up the whole garden with a fresh coat of paint to match the neighboring community centre.

The shipping container needed a bit of TLC before game day...thanks to the generous support from local paint company Tough Painting, they sanded, primed and painted all three outbuildings.

Event day welcomed us with a warm sunny day for first and last marks. Thanks to the local constables for adding their first marks and setting the tone for the rest of the participants that trickled in all day. We finished up with a pack of teens that had all sorts of energy to complete the day.

I came back over the next days and weeks to add my mark giving a million marks one cohesive feel. The final touches came with stripes and a chosen phrase provided by the Community Association president Nancy Kerney.

We got this collaborative mural done just in time for the weather to change. A truly collaborative mural - friends, artists, family, neighbors... even my husband and sister-in-law came out to help! Super grateful for this opportunity and all who supported and who added their mark! The marks on this garden shed have transformed this community and will take it through winter, spring, summer and fall.

Have a visit anytime, it's a welcoming place - Albert Park Radisson Heights Community Garden - 2636-12 avenue SE Calgary


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