It does take a village.. a community collaboration..

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Starting is HARD, am I right? Kudos to those that started. Who made a decision. Who showed up. And Kudos to not starting, to not showing up and to not deciding..

Life is a process of being seen, expressing, stepping into the arena. We are growing, learning and not always equipped with bravery. But Courage is Contagious (#brenebrown)

This community collaboration is all those things for me too. Brave, Hard, Being Seen.#makeyourmark<<<< more than just a catch phrase. I had a dream that I didn’t share or fully actuate until my life literally had been taken away from me.#surgeryaccident#age37 #rebirth

I am so grateful for that fateful day. I had to walk through fire in order to speak or write those words - today almost 10 years later. My rebirth taught me two things. Living in fear sucks- but is a real thing. Living with Creativity + Joy will be my life’s work.

I applause your brave first steps, in dreaming, thinking or doing that scary thing. Let me remind you that your net is your community.. make sure you have one set up, it makes hard landings so much safer.

We got this collaborative mural done just in time for the weather to change. A truly collaborative mural - friends, artists, family, neighbors... even my husband and sister-in-law came out to help! Super grateful for this opportunity and all who supported and who added their mark! The marks on this garden shed have transformed this community and will take it through winter, spring, summer and fall.

Have a visit anytime, it's a welcoming place - Albert Park Radisson Heights Community Garden - 2636-12 avenue SE Calgary


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