My First Mural, well sort of.

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

I was invited to create a mural in my old studio, my first studio, a very special community studio. This was the first opportunity where I had a whole wall to create by myself. I submitted a digital sketch, made in iPad Pro, all based on cSPACE’S parameters.

TO say that this was a bit daunting is an understatement! But I was ready for it! I originally had a few more days to create but life happens.. so i squeezed a whole lot of painting into 5 days! Why? BECAUSE I am a busy lady!! Lol. But it was fun to stay in the flow ... when I had it.

It felt like it took a village to create this mural! I am betting the next one will get easier, right?


Thanks for coming along for the ride! Not sure about you. But new things - even when you want them - are HARD.

I felt all of my 47.5 years, I felt all of my inflammation, hunger pains and some hot tears rolling down my cheeks. If you are new around here - you know that I wanted all of this. That I fought hard to live for this. And .. I have ONE GIANT amazing community supporting me to get here.

My biggest demon aside from all that I listed, my fear. My biggest asset, is my JOY.

I can’t wait to learn more about my creative process. What I do know thus far, is that joy comes out in my art and seems to heal up the pain, and reveals beauty.


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