New Workshop + Facilitator

I met Stacey Walyuchow four years ago; our mutual friend, and also a PTAStudio Facilitator, Brittney Tough introduced us. Stacey was seeking out artists to represent with the announcement of her new online gallery, We had an immediate connection and have become great friends.

"After a long hiatus from her personal creativity, Stacey has returned with a passion for creating mixed media pieces portraying deeply moody skies and portraiture works illustrating women and the emotions that accompany them. A self described 'emotional' painter, she purposefully leaves imperfections that occur in her pieces as they reflect the imperfections, and perhaps, the beauty of such flaws within ourselves."

I am really excited to share with you this unique and evocative creative process. Check out the PTAStudio's latest workshop collaboration with Calgary Artist, Stacey Walyuchow.


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