what's your "why not"?

A recent snap by friend, Michelle Dyer, and the artist of the flamingos in process

I hope you are enjoying your summer, it is my favourite season of the year! This summer has found me in a new routine with less down-time than usual (a.k.a. camping/boating/lazing) and more work-time (teaching/planning/making art). In my world, this is a great status update, as I am feeling healthy enough to be taking on more!

The studio has had a stellar year with new facilitators and attendees to workshops. As art patrons make their way through cSPACE King Edward (CKE); I am often asked: How long I have been practicing as an artist? Where did I have my studio before? How long I have had the studio? My answers are both simple and complex; but a great way to introduce how my arts practice and the studio are intrinsically connected.

I am just starting my creative career. This is my first studio. I have been at CKE since we opened one and half years. I came out as an artist five years ago, barely anyone knew I liked art let alone made art prior to this announcement. I worked for 25 years in corporate jobs that had only a tiny bit of creativity infused in them. I have had a chronic illness for 20 years, first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis recently re-diagnosed as Crohn's disease. I dabbled in art making while on sick leave, I had always hoped that I would find a way to incorporate it to daily life once back to work, but never did.  For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be an artist. As a result of never feeling brave/good enough I didn’t pursue an arts degree, arts business or find a creative community. Until one day, I had a major health crisis and I realized that I had been given one more chance to lead a life of creativity and joy. I worked really hard at getting well and committed to being an artist. 

Their response, more often than not, is how they can relate to some part of my experience and how they are now on a similar path to infuse creativity back into their lives.

I would be honoured to walk that path with you. My aim is to create a safe place for people to connect to their creativity, to learn and deepen their creative practice and to find a creative community. I hope this post might inspire you to ignite your path to self-care through art and creativity!

You can always contact me today via email info@paulatimm.com or call me 587-393-6265

Let's start planning your custom art party, team event todayl!


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