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I am completely honoured to share a new project I am involved in! alberta, Art, artheals, artist, artscience, autoimmunedisease, brainart, calgary, canadian, creativity

I am completely honoured to share a new project I am involved in:

Branch Out Foundation was created by Crystal Phillips after she was diagnosed with MS and her desire to bridge holistic health with conventional neuroscience. Her hope was and is to help minimize neurological symptoms and reduce pharmaceuticals (the latter of which has traditionally received the research funding). 

The Branch Out Foundation has partnered neuroscientists with artists to render a response to Neuroscience research. Learn more about our upcoming fundraiser and showcase of these collaborative projects > Your Brain on Art to be held at cSPACE King Edward!

For the upcoming brain art event, I am collaborating with Kyle Mayr and his research on a Ketogenic diet and reduction of pain in spinal cord injuries. I spent a few hours of the past days learning and visiting with Kyle, his team and the lab at the Foothills Medical Centre (FMC), where it all happens!

See more on Crystal, Kyle and the other neuroscientists, in link below.

Stay tuned, and if you can, support this beautiful foundation and it's research.


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