ZOOOOM!! Did you see that?

Hello! I hope you were able to stay cool during the hot summer days! We really enjoyed seeing so many new faces at Adult Art Camp, Art Meet-up, and Saturday @cSPACE Farmer's Market. 

We are heading into the studio's second autumn at cSPACE King Edward, and finding our groove with programming, collaborations and working with new art facilitators! It has been an amazing opportunity for the studio; as we grow our community and reach through new events. Keep reading to learn about a FAMILY & FREE event happening at the studio, a women focussed creative retreat, and new workshops

One of my greatest joys about starting this business is the variety of work which comes my way! It all stems from a single source - creativity. Through my creativity, I have built a business, community and some really great partnerships. Such as this recent partnering with Fostermak Gallery and Maillot Homes. We plan to have a wee soirée later this autumn to showcase both the amazing show home and locally produced art, hope to see you there! 

I am looking forward to new opportunities, collaborations and learning over the next few months. For starters, how about a new way for you to purchase my art? UppstArt, is a local business with a global reach and a desire to showcase art. Check out my profile for NEW pieces.  I have been invited to attend CAMP by one uber creative Calgarian, Bram Timmer, in late November I am facilitating in Ignite Summits and the new year will bring us to Teacher's Convention!

In late September, I am committing to my own professional development with a different kind of partnership- RAMP(Rozsa Arts Management Program). The Rozsa Foundation and the Haskayne School of Business have designed a certificate program for mid-career artists to address the specific needs of arts management.

thanks for you ongoing support of the studio.. and we hope to see you all soon!

paula j. timm


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