collaborative event murals

collaborative event murals

Imagine your conference/event attendees attentively sitting for 90 minutes (or more), they have had extreme focus while learning a new skill or listening to a dynamic presentation. What they need now is to integrate the information, through creative expression and play!


As attendees filter through the halls they will come upon a blank canvas, a myriad of colourful paints, and painting tools of various size and shape. Paula will gently encourage participants to select a tool and a colour and to approach the canvas to make their mark. Layers of marks are coached and guided, with helping words, joyful expressions which sometime flow into deeper conversations.


At the end of the session, a canvas is revealed to participants displaying all colours, marks, ability and a surprise of the events  logo or phrase will be revealed!


Creating together is FUN...let's design the perfect event to help create a memorable conference/event for your attendees!


This is an unique blend of an artfully instructed and customized event of fun and paint! YOUR attendees don't need to be an artist or creative. Paula is skilled at making each person feel comfortable and helps to facilitate .


Contact to have us design the perfect event! ​


Pricing is determined by scope of project and total participants.


TIME: From 60 minutes to interspresed throughout your event. 


PARTICIPANTS: We can accommodate any group, size, ability and age!


DATE: Contact to schedule your event


Paula Timm is a visual artist, instructor and community builder with a passion for facilitating wellness through creativity. A dedicated art-preneur, she has been building community through workshops, art classes, collaborative projects and gallery events for the past seven years. Paula partners with business to foster healthy team environments and engage community to promote and encourage the intrinsic relationship between wellness and creativity.  Her hope is to inspire others to consider their own personal journey and its important connection to self-expression.

collaborative event murals


We can accommodate any sized group- big or small!

​Pricing is determined by food, wine, project, participants, tax and gratuity.

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