Condensed Creative Affirmation: mark making+mixed media

WELLNESS WORKSHOPS BY Michelle Dyer + Paula Timm
A ONE hour creative workshop that promotes creativity as part of self-care and wellness. In this workshop, each participant will be guided through a mixed media exploration on paper that they can take away with them after the workshop.

This is an artful yet introspective workshop, where engaging in a creative process is the first priority and leaving with an art product, revealing this process, is second priority. It is not a traditional art class, although you will learn some new skills/techniques. It is also not an art therapy group.

However, the art making/workshop itself can be therapeutic and part of your self-care and wellness journey. A fun, fresh, process based workshop, where you will be able to discover personal insight into your own creative exploration. You will be asked to challenge your inner critic and practice leaving any judgment or comparison behind as you embark on this creative adventure alongside others that you choose to share this journey with. So, come with an open mind, open heart, and desire to PLAY!


SUPPLIES: ALL materials will be supplied, including an apron. Participants may not want to wear their favourite items, however if we catch the paint (with soap and water) before it dries, it mostly comes out. 

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One hour workshop - can be faciltiated with Zoom

The Workshop was a relaxing opportunity to enjoy some fun and laughter with new friends and to learn some new techniques with various art materials under the gentle guidance of experts.
To my surprise I created a unique piece of art using my choices for colors, design and a style all my own with a sprays of water, stencils and simple brush strokes. Great experience!!

Michelle Dyer and Paula Timm are pioneers in their field of mix media art, art therapy, and creative expression. Together they created the workshop Creative Affirmations that cultivates a new creative space and open expression for all new and seasoned artists to experience.

During the workshop, both artists guide you through a creative journey of reflection, play, experimentation, and art making. Step by step instruction is given to create a beautiful piece that you can treasure forever, all along the way shifting your perspective about the self, art making, and art itself. This workshop is for all levels of artists and really challenges the art maker in a beautiful transformative way. You will not go home disappointed, and you will walk out feeling refreshed and inspired. It will change your life!

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creative affirmation. Through group process, intelligent guidance, and trusting faith, we were able to create in way that had no expectation on outcome. I was able to both explore and challenge myself. I learned new processes, but most importantly it shed some light on my own unconscious processes. My learnings have now transferred to other projects, and I truly appreciate the education and support that got me there. Will definitely attend again.

Condensed Creative Affirmation: mark making+mixed media

  • Art Classes+Workshops Refund Policy:
  • NO refunds on student missed classes

    • Make up classes/workshop may be offered if applicable 

  • Refunds will only be issued to participants due to insufficient enrolment.

    • Participants will be notified via email and/or phone. 

    • A full refund will be processed or a make up class will be provided.

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