Paula Timm

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Paula Timm

artist +

Visual Artist, Storyteller, & Weaver of Web.... These words seem to have typed themselves as Paula pondered what her new title should be as she embarked on her creative career in 2013.  After twenty years of corporate work, chronic illness and a life changing surgery, Paula was ready to commit to her creative joyful life.

Facilitating wellness through creativity is her guiding principle; be it through the written word, creating community or through art facilitation. Paula's hope is to inspire others to consider their own personal journey and its important connection to self-expression.

Over the past five years she has had the opportunity to facilitate art workshops, regular mixed media classes and team building events.  Both as a cathartic and creative pursuit, she has written and been published in some of Canada's premier arts and culture newspapers, magazines and blogs. 


As Paula's business evolved with her growing community she took up permanent residency at arts incubator, cSPACE King Edward, located in South Calgary.  Where she actualized a life long dream to weave her connections, interests and community into one unique and beautiful studio.


Paula welcomes people into her studio to engage in the arts for the intrinsic healing properties which one experiences when immersed in creativity. In her regular weekly classes, Timm invites each person to cultivate their artistic voice. She knows all too well the barriers most feel when attending an arts related activity or facing one's own art scars (inadvertently imposed upon us in earlier development). Paula is adept at creating a welcoming space in order for participants to wade into their vulnerable creativity.

Paula partners with Calgary artists and not-for-profit organizations to foster community engagement initiatives that promote and encourage the healing relationship between wellness and creativity. Her previous work experience in marketing and event production has lent itself to prosper her own business and community reach. Paula is passionate to cultivate the same in other budding artist/entrepreneurs; offering teaching, event and gallery opportunities at her studio.


Often inspired by the shapes and patterns discovered in urban and rural landscapes, Paula’s art conveys movement and emotion:  the use of vivid colours in her work imbues a sense of whimsy in each piece, as well as depth of insight that resonates with her life experiences.

Paula’s diversity of talents find a comfortable home combining drawing, painting and collage.  As a Surface Designer and Illustrator, her love of graphic arts is evident in the digital integration of hand-drawn illustrations and photography into her painted works. These finished works adorn objects, and are incorporated into marketing and/or editorial applications.